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Important note:
To use GhostWryter, you need a valid Subscription for GhostWryter and a free License Key for OpenAI.
You need to sign up for GhostWryter with the same email address you use to sign into Google Docs.

You can get your free OpenAI License Key here

Good to know: If you register for a free License Key at OpenAI, you will also receive a credit of $18 at the start. This is enough to test GhostWryter and OpenAI extensively.

Texts generated directly with GhostWryter and your own OpenAI License Key are extremely cheap for you. For 1,000 tokens (the unit of OpenAI) you pay only 0.02$ (2 cents). This applies to the most advanced Davinci model. You can think of the tokens as word parts, where 1,000 tokens correspond to about 750 words. So for just one dollar you can generate about 37,500 words.